Biogas Plant Reduces Methane Emission in the Atmosphere

Bayan Energy is constructor and developer of all types of biogas plants like fixed dome (Deenbandhu Model), floting dome (KVIC Model), residential, commercial and industrial biogas plants.


Biogas is a type of fuel that is produced from the anaerobic fermentation of bio waste. Bio waste refers to bio-degradable material originating in land and aquatic environment. Cow dung is one of the most important and widely used bio waste for the production of bio-gas. When bio watse break down in an anaerobic environment (absence of oxygen) they release a blend of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide. Because this decomposition occurs in an anaerobic environment, the process of producing biogas is also known as anaerobic digestion.
Anaerobic digestion is a natural form of waste-to-energy that uses the process of fermentation to breakdown organic matter. Animal manure, food scraps, wastewater, and sewage are all examples of organic matter that can produce biogas by anaerobic digestion. Due to the high content (typically 50-75%) biogas is combustible, and therefore produces a deep blue flame, and can be used as an energy source.
Biogas generation recovers waste materials that would otherwise pollute landfills; prevents the use of toxic chemicals in sewage treatment plants, and saves money, energy, and material by treating waste on-site. Moreover, biogas usage does not require fossil fuel extraction to produce energy.


Biogas is Eco-friendly

Biogas is environment friendly. Biogas reduces the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Biogas Reduces Pollution

Reduces the land pollution and water pollution.

Biogas Plant Produces Organic Fertilizer

It produce organic fertilizer which contain Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) and these are the essential nutrients for plants and crops.

Application of Biogas

Biogas contain Methane (CH4), so biogas can be used as a fuel to power motor vehicles. It can be used in gas engine to generate heat and electricity.

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